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Things to Do in Your Classroom to Promote Peace and Justice

teacher reading to class

  1. Introduce great books. Read and discuss books that challenge accepted beliefs and myths about other people. See Great Books for suggestions, discussion questions, and activity ideas.
  2. Include social justice lessons in your curriculum. Try one of our TPN teacher-tested lessons on these topics.

    Anti-bullying lessons

    Anti-bias lessons

    Black history

    Conflict resolution

    Literature activities

    Media literacy activities

    Peace education

    Social action projects

  3. Encourage cooperative teamwork. Numerous studies have shown cooperative learning leads to better social skills and relationships with others. Learn more.
  4. Use peer tutoring on a regular basis. Peers teaching each other has been shown to increase mastery and lead to better interpersonal relationships. Learn more.
  5. Get support. Join with colleagues and start a group focused on social action and together share ideas, lessons, and plan school-wide events. See: How to start a group.
  6. Share. Be a role model and let others know what you are doing. We all learn from each other. Share your lessons and projects with us either by posting them to our FACEBOOK page or sending them to us via e-mail. We welcome photographs. All materials submitted are subject to editing and must be freely offered for teacher use. You will receive full acknowledgment and credit for your work. See what other teachers have shared.

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