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Fun Links for elementary, middle and high school students who may want to become active in peace making as well as get academic help, play games, learn jokes or get advice on social issues that affect them.


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Students Can Change the World

Here are some things you can do in your own school or community...

doveStart a Student Peace Group or Club Joining into a supportive group gives individuals the confidence and power to take action for change. A chorus of voices is always stronger that one crying in the wilderness.

doveBecome a negotiator Learn how you can solve conflicts between your peers

doveGet involved

Fight Bullying

Bully Stoppers Report incidents of bullying. Learn COME BACKS to say when someone calls you a name

Kids Against Bullying Games to play and information on bullying

Kids Turn Central  Anti-Bullying Resources Links to a wealth of resources for you to use to stop bullying.

Promote World Peace

International Day of Peace Plan a peace activity for the September 21st celebration. Check out what other schools have done too.

Kids Club International Find games, information, and crafts that focus on world peace.

Peace Child Action Projects Become part of the movement for fair trade and world equity. Join an action project or start one of your own.

Songs for Peace Listen to peace songs. Submit your own original peace song.

Students for Teaching Peace Here is a list of activities you can organize in your school or community

United Nations Cyberschoolbus Learn how to become involved in creating world peace. Find a list of youth peace organizations you can join.

doveFind a Great Book to Read