Book Title           My Brother Martin: A Sister Remembers

Author  Farris, Christine King 

Meets anti-bias criteria  yes.

This title fits these categories:

                       ►Racial awareness and variety: Shows diverse people living their lives in realistic ways.

 ►Racial pride: Provides strong, positive role model for diverse children
Racial issue: Shows historical or contemporary inequality based on race.
Activist: Shows ways we can make a difference.


Acceptable grade levels: PS   1    2   3  4   5

Classification: Picture book 

Concepts/ Topics covered in book:

In a conversational tone Christine describes growing up in the King family, relates family anecdotes, and tells how her family tried to shield the children from racism until racism hits home when the white neighbor boys say they can’t play with them any more because they are black. Her brother is outraged and declares he will try to change that.

Questions/ Activities

How would you feel if your friend told you, you could not longer be his or her friend?

What were some favorite activities of the King family?

What tells you they lived in a racist community?

How did the parents protect the children from racism?

Were they successful?

What are some other ways MLK might have responded?

TEACHPEACENOW lesson using this book

Biography of Martin Luther King http://www.enchantedlearning.com/history/us/MLK/


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