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Check out how compassion, peace, and justice are being fostered at these schools who have shared their lessons and activities with TeachPeaceNow.

Chemung Valley Montessori School

Big Flats, New York

East Williston Teachers for Peace
East Williston, New York

Farmington Teachers for Peace

Farmington, Connecticut


The Maine Endwell Equity Team
Endwell, New York





What we are doing at Maine-Endwell, NY...


Skin Color Project As part of the YWCA Stand Against Racism Day on April 30th, Homer Brink School students learned why people have different skin colors. Link to this lesson



Peace Doves The Maine-Endwell Equity Team held a district-wide celebration of Peace for December 2009. Link to this lesson. Teachers and students wrote a personal peace pledge on doves or on feathers for a large dove to be displayed in the lobbies of each school. This coordinated with International Human Rights Day on December 10th. The School Peace Pledge appropriate for each level was shared and students wrote their names on a giant peace dove. Homer Brink School held a peace gathering. Marching to Red Grammar's "Teaching Peace" song students gathered in concentric circles and recited the Peace Pledge, followed by a singing of the song. Find the Peace Pledge and related activities at The Institute for Peace and Justice. See also the Peace Dove Activity Posted 1/2010

dove wall

At Maine Memorial Elementary School students read the book Color Doesn't Really Matter by Carol Wood and made a bulletin board showing that no matter one's differences we should all get along with each other.

crayon display

Homer Brink Equity Team: For Constitution Day and International Peace Day every school in the school district created a Wall of Peace. Students were ask to create a law that would create a more peaceful world. Students put their ideas on paper bricks. Click here for the lesson plan that was used at Homer Brink. The lesson was adapted from an NEA lesson idea. The middle school and high school created their wall after participating in Rachel's Challenge and thinking about International Peace Day. The middle school wall was featured on the local TV station News Channel 34. posted 10/2008

wall of peacewallsect1

wallsection2 peacemeans

Wall of Peace at Homer Brink School

Footprints for Peace

Organized by the Homer Brink Equity Team this activity was designed to value peace and the people who work for peace. Posters were made for all the peacemakers in the PAthways to Peace book. Each poster had a picture of the person and the biolgraphy from the book.

These were hung around the school. The project began by taking classes Ek to 5th grade outside to sit under the trees in front of the school and think about what peace meant to them. Then they returned inside and wrote their ideas on footprints.

These were hung in a path between the posters. 5th graders then went on a scavenger hunt to find facts about each of the peacemakers.

footprints for peace