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Read these TeachPeaceNow essays and book reviews. What do you think?

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Do One Thing to Make the World a Better Place

I Really Can't. I'm No Mahatma Gandhi

When Violence is the Answer

CEASE Does what we teach match what is happening in the world?

Remembering Hell Thoughts on Hiroshima Day

International LIteracy Day

Celebrate - Create Sustainable Peace

Is War Inevitable?

Delayed Gratitification Activities to Develop Patience

The Arts Are a Universal Language of Peace

Are You Stressed? Activities for stressful times.

Which do we love more - our children or our guns?

Do You Love Torture?

Let's Teach Empathy

Can you detach your child from the screen? Screen Free Week

Albany Says Cut Back. We Say Fight Back!

What if they gave a war and nobody came? Some thoughts on Memorial Day

Syria Retailiation: What Are We Teaching Our Children? What should politicians do when dealing with a bully?

Transparency, If Not Divestment Where should universities invest their money?

Nonviolence: A Dangerous Idea...Does nonviolence really work? Examples from history

Nonviolence: A Memoir by Jim Clune...How do we become practitioners of nonviolence?

Spreading Kindness...Why we need to be role models

Aesthetic Education ...Are you looking for a new way to integrating learning

Is No Child left Behind Caring...Compassonate? ...What do you think of NCLB?

Is Reusing Uranium Supporting Our Troops?...Do you know what our armaments are made from?

Last Child in the Wood...Why do our kids need to go outside?

NurtureShock..What does current research say about children's behavior?

Peace Education: Where to Begin?...Why should we teach peace?

Teacher inservice: You have a right (and need) to know...What do teachers really need?

Teaching Peace A Book Review




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