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TPN Peace Calendar

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Jan 1 Global Family Day: One Day for Peace

Jan 20-27 No Name Calling Week

Jan 21 Martin Luther King Day of Service

Jan 27 United Nations Holocaust Memorial Day



*Black History Month

Feb 1 National Freedom Day: Commorating the 13th Amendment*

Feb 21 UNESCO International Mother Language Day

Feb 27 Perseverance Day

Feb 28 Pink Shirt Day



*National Women's History Month*

March 8 United Nations International Women's Day

March 21 International Day for the Elinimation of Racial Discrimination

March 22 United Nations World Water Day

March 31 Caesar Chavez Day



April 7 National Day of Hope

Apr 11 Day of Silence

Apr 22 Earth Day

Apr 30 YWCA Stand Against Racism Day



May 1 International Workers Day

May 3 UNESCO World Press Freedom Day

May 9 Fair Trade Day

May 11 Mother's Day of Peace

May 15 United Nations International Day of Families

May 21 UNESCO Diversity Day

May 31 WHO No Tobacco Day



*LGBT Pride Month*

June 10 Abused Women and Children's Day

June 12 Anne Frank Day

June 20 UN World Refugee Day

June 22 Impact Journalism Day

June 23 United Nations Public Service Day

June 26 United Nations End Torture Day



July 7 Coop Day

July 11 World Population Day

July 12 Simplicity Day

July 17 International Justice Day

July 27 Parents Day




August 5 Friendship Day and Forgiveness Day

August 6 Hiroshima Day

August 9 International Indigenous Peoples Day

August 12 United Nations International Youth Day and Civil Rights Day

August 23 International Day for the Rememberance the Slave Trade & Its Abolition

Aug 26 National Women's Equality Day:Commemorating the 19th Amendment



*National Hispanic Heritage Month*

Sept 8 International Literacy Day

Setp 15 International Day of Democracy

Sept 21 - International Day of Peace


*National LGBT Month*

Oct 2 - International Day of Non-Violence

Oct 4 Reconcilliation Day

Oct 5 - World Habitat Day

Oct 13- 19 Ally Week

Oct 14 Native American Day

Oct 16 - World Food Day

Oct 17 International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

Oct 24 - United Nations Day



Nov 9 Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall

Nov 16 International Day of Tolerance

Nov 16- 20 Anti Bullying Week

4th Thursday Thanksgiving USA



*Human Rights Month*

Dec 10 International Human Rights Day


Other Calendars

ADL Calendar of Observances

Diversity Calendar

Holidays and Special Days in Great Britain

Multicultural Calendar Calendar


How Holidays and Observerances Get Started





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